“Give your customers almost unlimited choice.”

By implementing Vippers content, travel agents can offer their clients almost unlimited choice in terms of travel options. All of our content is easily implemented through a range of APIs along with access to our online genius platform which caters towards B2B for all partners regardless of the size.

Our all in one reservation system enables Vipper passengers to travel from door-to-door all under one booking, allowing them to enjoy their travel experience to the full.

Your benefits as a travel agency are increasing efficiency by using all in one reservation system, increase in revenue, and extending the website traffic.


“You can simply use our Vipper widgets, deep links & APIs to earn more revenue for your business. Whatever the model, we at Vipper provide a solution for you.”

The Vipper Affiliate program provides you with 5% on all sold. This gives you the opportunity to join an incredible community while earning extra revenue. VARS is our PSS system for all partners regardless of the size. VARS aims to provide users with access to all of Vipper content, technology, and services. All documentation and reports are easy to find and generate.